Using IVF as a Single Woman

Being a single parent is becoming more and more common. Around 25% of all families only have one parent, and that number doesn’t seem to be changing any in recent years. While there are some women who are single mothers because of life circumstances, such as the death of a partner or a divorce, there […]

Benefits of Transferring Blastocysts Instead of Embryos for IVF

At First Fertility, we have offered fertility medicine to women who struggle with natural conception for many years. To continue delivering effective IVF treatments, we pay attention to all fertility developments, including the latest techniques, procedures, and medicines. There have been many advances for us to track in the past several decades. However, the most […]

UK Government Votes in Favour of Three Person Embryo Law

The UK may become the first nation to allow IVF procedures that use genetic material from three different people. The concept of using genetic material from multiple people is not new. However, there are restrictions that prevent these techniques from being used by IVF clinics. Many people feel that these restrictions are outdated and need […]

How to Have a Family through In Vitro Fertilization

If you have always wanted to have a family, but find that you are having a difficult time conceiving, you still have hope. Hope, in this instance, is represented in the form of First Fertility. By going to a centre that provides in vitro fertilization or IVF, you can realize your dreams of raising a […]

Finally, a Positive Test!

Even though many people who undergo IVF know that getting pregnant may still take a long time, it’s normal to be frustrated by the wait. No matter the reason you turned to IVF for help getting pregnant, you have probably dreamed about the day that you will find out that you are finally pregnant. Many […]

What Is the Next Step If IVF Treatment Is Not Successful?

While the goal of IVF is a successful pregnancy and delivery, these results are not guaranteed. There are many factors that impact the chances of success. At First Fertility Bangkok, we recognize the mixture of excitement and stress that IVF treatments can bring. We also have high success rates for successful deliveries. However, when the […]

Conception and Stress: Why They Do Not Mix

There may be a reason why you are not conceiving and it has to do with stress. The way people hurry about in this mobile society does not make things easier. In fact, research reveals that close to one-half million people suffer from stress and anxiety, both of which are related to their careers. As […]

What Is Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) ?

Also known as PGD, a preimplantation genetic diagnosis makes it possible to choose your child’s gender before it is born or to check for any genetic conditions or disorders in embryos. This determination is made along with in vitro fertilization (IVF). How PGD and PGS Are Used Besides PGD, PGS is also used to guarantee […]