Conception and Stress: Why They Do Not Mix

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There may be a reason why you are not conceiving and it has to do with stress. The way people hurry about in this mobile society does not make things easier. In fact, research reveals that close to one-half million people suffer from stress and anxiety, both of which are related to their careers. As a result, people often suffer from stress-induced illnesses that are preventable. People just need to learn to slow down and think about things in a different way.

Therefore, it is not surprising that researchers have found that a woman will have a more difficult time conceiving when she is under stress. That is because stress creates an elevation in the enzyme called alpha-amylase. This enzyme increases the risk of infertility. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one study showed that women who exhibited increased levels of alpha-amylase were about 12% more likely to experience infertility.

How Stress Affects the Pituitary Gland

When a woman feels stressed, the pituitary gland is affected as well. This gland is situated on the lower area of the brain and is extremely small. However, it causes women problems when they feel anxious. The gland transmits hormones to the ovaries through circulation. These hormones, in turn, cause an egg to develop and support ovulation. When a woman is stressed, however, another hormone is also triggered; this is a problematic hormone called cortisol.

How Cortisol Can Prevent Conception

Cortisol is a culprit in infertility as it affects ovulation. As a result, it can make it hard for a woman to get pregnant. In fact, ovulation can stop altogether when a woman releases excess cortisol. If a woman is unable to release an egg for fertilization, any quantity of sperm will not help facilitate the process.

Poor Semen Quality

Stress not only prevents passage of an egg but it also degrades semen quality. Research has revealed that stress may be to blame if the semen quality is poor. In addition, one study showed that the age or health issues of a man do not influence the quality of his semen. Stress is the main reason for any challenges in this regard.

Some Questions to Ask

When a couple is stressed, getting pregnant can indeed become an issue. That is why it is important to find ways to de-stress. If you want to start a family, relaxation is the key to pregnancy success. Therefore, you need to develop your own special methods for feeling calmer and coping. First, think about what is causing you stress. What aspects of your job are making you feel anxious? How can you overcome these feelings?

Adopt a New Way of Eating

Once you determine the reasons for your stress, you can take the necessary steps to prevent stressful reactions. You can also reduce stress by practising certain activities. Begin by following a healthful diet. Refrain from eating junk or processed foods. If you are a woman, this can be helpful as you will need to develop a healthy eating plan once you become pregnant. You do not want to make potato chips your snack of choice. Instead, concentrate on eating foods that are natural and organic.

Some Dietary Suggestions

Because processed or sugary foods spike the sugar in your blood, making you feel hungrier, they can cause you to feel more anxious as well. Therefore, you need to make some food substitutions. For example, eat yogurt and bananas instead of ice cream (full of sugar) or enjoy cashews instead of taco chips.

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

You need to adopt certain practices that will make you feel better overall. These practices might include meditation, yoga, or even visiting a spa.

Develop a New Attitude and Demeanor

What you conceive in your mind can also prevent you from conceiving a child. That is why it is helpful to pinpoint the reasons for your stress and do something about them. If your goal is to start a family, you need to learn what you need to do to make it happen. Sometimes you just need to get rid of those components that are making you feel stressed out.

Try Not to Be Everything to Everyone

Also, it is important not to take on tasks that are over-taxing. Whilst it is nice to get along with people, do not try to be everything to everyone. Sometimes you just need to know your limitations. By taking this approach, you will also get along better with your co-workers and you will know where to draw the line.

Make Certain Priorities

Prioritizing is an important part of de-stressing. What things are really important? What things can wait? You do not want to be a multi-tasker if it is preventing you from becoming effective in your job or keeping you from starting a family.

A Major Life-Changing Responsibility

It is good to learn right now what factors may be causing you to feel nervous or anxious as you will need to remain calm and mature when you finally get pregnant. This indeed is the time to overcome those obstacles that are making you feel overburdened. Taking care of a child is a major life-changing responsibility for which you will need to be prepared.

Why Relaxation Is the Key

That is why overcoming stress is important to your health. Think about it. When do many couples announce they are pregnant? Is it after a harried day at the office? No, it usually occurs after they have been on holiday. This fact alone is very revealing. If you want to conceive, you need to learn what methods to use to overcome your concerns and reduce stress.

Stop and Smell the Roses

As the saying goes, “Take time out and smell the roses.” What really matters in life? If you want to start a family, you need to remember this. By slowing down, you can also prioritize more easily. Connect with your loved ones and family. Take time to give thanks and admire nature. There is a lot of beauty in life that is overlooked when you are moving too quickly.

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