Finally, a Positive Test!

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Even though many people who undergo IVF know that getting pregnant may still take a long time, it’s normal to be frustrated by the wait. No matter the reason you turned to IVF for help getting pregnant, you have probably dreamed about the day that you will find out that you are finally pregnant. Many women rely on IVF to get pregnant after months or years of trying on their own.

Having a positive test during an appointment at First Fertility is thrilling, but also a little bit scary. No matter how long you have tried and wanted to become pregnant, finally getting pregnant tends to be a little overwhelming. You are now going to have to care for another person who is growing inside of you and make sure to protect them. It is very common for women who conceive with IVF to have heightened emotions and to experience difficulty understanding them at first.

What to Do When You Get Pregnant

It can be frustrating for many women, but when you first become pregnant, there isn’t anything to do. It’s important to enjoy your normal activities, as there isn’t any way that you can accidentally harm your baby as this point. Many women are scared of what finally being pregnant means, and now is a great time to explore those feelings and to get excited about the future.

Even if you are experiencing morning sickness, then you will want to enjoy knowing that you are pregnant! Now is also the time to let your patient coordinator at First Fertility know the great news. They will want you to come in for lab work to determine if your medication needs to be adjusted, and they can tell if you if you are having multiples.

What Happens Next?

It’s important that you maintain your medication schedule. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe to come off of your medication, as your time may vary from when others can.

It’s up to you when you want to tell people. Many women want to keep the news private at first until they have reached a later stage in the pregnancy, while others can’t wait to tell their family and their close friends. This is a personal decision, especially if you have been getting IVF treatment at First Fertility, and it’s one that you have to make for yourself. At this point, there is no wrong or right time to tell the people close to you.

It’s also important that you take time to really look after yourself and improve your health as much as possible. Your body is going to be working very hard for the next nine months, and many women want to take this time to improve their diet. While you can supplement with vitamins, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits will generally provide you all of the nutrients that you need. Your doctor will let you know if supplementation is necessary. And remember that you’re not really eating for two; you generally only need an additional 200 calories each day to help your baby grow.

If you experience morning sickness, then it’s important that you stay focused on drinking plenty of water so that you don’t become dehydrated. Also, nibble on dry biscuits when you can eat so that your body receives the calories that it needs. While morning sickness is common and normal, if it progresses to the point where you are unable to keep anything in your stomach, then you may need to see your doctor at First Fertility Bangkok so that you do not lose weight or become dehydrated.

It’s also important to talk to a midwife at this point. While you won’t need a GP appointment as long as you don’t have specific issues, your midwife will want to make your 6-10 week appointment right away.

What to Expect At Your Appointment

This is your booking-in appointment, and it allows your midwife to complete an initial exam. They will take your blood pressure, weight, height, and check your urine for problems. You can ask your midwife any questions you may have and talk about birthing preparations. You’ll get to see your midwife once a month until close to delivery, when you will see them every two weeks and then every week. If you experience any problems, then it is likely that your midwife will want to see you on a more regular basis.

When am I Due?

Every woman wants to know when they were due, and calculating your due date is fairly easy. Women who were still having a period need to calculate their pregnancy from the first day of their last bleed. If you weren’t having periods, then your first day of pregnancy was when you started the medication. Women are around 4 weeks pregnant when they get a positive test. Typical gestation lasts 40 weeks from your first day of pregnancy.

When’s My First Scan?

It’s normal for women to receive their first scan when they are 12 weeks pregnant, after which you will receive regular tests for screening. While some women are happy to wait until 12 weeks, if you aren’t, then you can often find a location for a private scan. This is possible around seven weeks of pregnancy and will allow you to see a heartbeat. During your scan, you will also be able to confirm how many babies you have, and you will generally be provided with a picture of your ultrasound.

How to Prepare But Stay Relaxed

It’s important that you take care of yourself emotionally. It’s easy to focus on your physical and medical health, but a lot happens when you get pregnant, and most women feel a flood of emotions that they need to deal with. It’s important that while you are worrying about college for your baby, preparing a nursery space for them, or talking to other children about your pregnancy, that you also take time for yourself. Additionally, it’s important that you feel proud of yourself, as you are growing another human being! To make sure that you are able to fully enjoy your pregnancy, you will want to rest as much as possible, allow others to help you, and take it easy when you can. Although nine months seems like a long time it will fly by, so take time to enjoy it, and call us at First Fertility Bangkok if you have questions or concerns.