4 Most Common Reasons for Gender Selection Treatment

Everybody has an expectation of what they want from life. Some aspire to have a successful career or to travel. But at some stage in everybody’s life, there will come a time when they think about having kids or what they would want out of deciding to have children. And while we all know exactly […]

Top Tips to Help Your Fertility Treatment be a Success!

When embarking on your journey through the various options and treatments to assist you with your individual fertility challenge, you may at times feel anxious or confused and for most people, this stems from wanting a successful treatment. Whether your goal is childbirth itself or you have more specific goals in mind for your treatment, […]

Why Indian and Chinese nationals consider Thailand an IVF Hub

Thailand has always been known for its medical tourism trade, from those seeking gender reassignment surgery to those looking for cheap dental treatments, Thailand offers it all in terms of a medical tourism destination. However, in recent years there has been a large shift in focus from two very specific nationalities for a single kind […]