How to Choose a Thailand based Fertility Clinic?

Fertility clinic Thailand

The amount of reasons why one may need to consult a fertility clinic are extremely varied. Maybe you have been trying to conceive for a while and have been having little to no success. Or perhaps you have a preexisting fertility complication that requires you to seek the services of a fertility clinic in Bangkok. Ultimately regardless of the reason, the initial steps can be confusing and slightly daunting for those not familiar with treatments, clinics, and terminology. However, the first step is choosing which clinic you want to handle the important task of helping you get pregnant.

With the increasing ease of access to fertility treatment, many different fertility clinics in Bangkok have opened in recent years and their approach, experience and level of service offered will all vary from clinic to clinic. Hopefully, this short guide will assist you in making the best decision for you and your family.

Quality Control and Ethics

Any field of medicine comes with its own set of ethical codes and practices and ensuring that your clinic of choice follows these internationally recognized standards is essential. Things like age limits on treatments and knowing that they are interested to show their professionalism and qualifications of all doctors and technicians in their employ are all signs that a clinic takes its ethical commitments seriously. On the other hand, a clinic who doesn’t disclose or indeed seem interested in alleviating these concerns may not be the most ethical treatment center for you.

Any ethically strong fertility treatment clinic should also have extremely high-quality control for all of their treatments and procedures. When evaluating individual clinics ask them what kind of equipment they use and more specific questions about the treatment they recommended for you. Ask them about the range of treatments they offer and how long their nurses and practitioners have been working for the clinic. High staff turnover ultimately can be put down to bad management and thus, quality control will suffer. As important as your fertility goals are, you wouldn’t want to hedge them on the back of a low-quality clinic that makes poor ethical decisions.

Success Rate

As ethical and up to date as a clinic can seem, ultimately you will be there for one reason and that is to help resolve your fertility challenges with specialists who can provide this. A clinics success rate should be something that is not just displayed but actively boasted about. Not just a vague and ambiguous figure, a successful clinic will have all stats and figures for different areas of success on hand for the consideration of potential clients. Any attempt to disguise or hide these figures from you should definitely be considered a bad sign.

The kinds of stats and figures that apply to you could vary from individual to individual, however, there are some staple stats that should interest any potential patient. Things such as:

  • Live birth rate per treatment, both in terms of per egg collection and per embryo collection.
  • The amount of instances that resulted in multiple births or triplets.
  • And the amount of clients who reached their fertility goals using their treatments

What can also help you determine the success of a clinic is contacting people in a similar situation through appropriate networking sites for advice. Also, read some previous client reviews of both the treatment and the overall professionalism of said clinic.

Treatment options

Most reputable clinics will have numerous different ways to help you treat your fertility problem dependent on the situation. Their treatment suggestions should be focused on their patients and their individual bodies, fertility challenges and goals. Ultimately a good fertility clinic should be able to provide numerous different treatments that take you as an individual into account.

Some clinics offer more than others in terms of what treatment options are available to their clients and some research and consultation on this point is needed to correctly identify the best clinic for both your individual fertility challenge and your end goal of the treatments. A sign of a clinic with limited options would be not offering the latest or most solid evidence-based treatment options. Another sign could also be that the consultant seems to be actively pushing one particular option over another without a lot of justification.


As well as different clinics offering different treatment options from each other, so they also vary when it comes to the cost of their services and treatments. The IVF costs associated with your fertility treatment in Bangkok can be largely attributed to location, level of service offered and target cliental. Naturally, a clinic within Central Sukhumvit targeted to more affluent Thai and foreign cliental is going to be more expensive than an option outside the city center like Srinakarin. What can also push up the price is both the expertise of their technicians and the accreditation and again experience of their doctors.

A clinic that has doctors of impeccable standing in their respective fields of medicine with highly qualified, accredited and experienced technicians can charge a premium to its clients for this level of expertise. Make sure that you are fully aware of all the costs involved with your treatment plan, including any extra charges or consultation fees. Also, be aware that different clinics will have different options in terms of how you are to pay for your treatment, some allow their clients to pay per session whereas some will insist on upfront payment for the entirety of the treatment plan.

In Summary

Choosing the perfect IVF fertility clinic in Bangkok for you largely depends on firstly what your individual goals for your fertility treatment are. And second, would be your budget and how much time and energy you are willing to commit to the treatment. What should be at the forefront of your mind, in any case, is that you find a reputable, highly regarded and professional fertility clinic that will take the time to understand you and your individual needs and challenges.