4 Things you can do to help conceive a Baby Boy


There are many reasons why a couple would want specific genders when they are trying for a baby. After all, most people have an ideal picture in their mind when they think about the kind of family they want to have and the majority of people envision themselves having both a boy and a girl. However, for many people, having lots of sons is very important to them, normally due to cultural reasons such as in India and China. While a regular pregnancy is very much a 50/50 gamble in terms of gender, many ask the question of whether there is anything they can do to help improve their chances of having a boy.

There are many old wives’ tales floating around the internet of things that can supposedly magically turn the fetus into a boy; however, as it turns out there are a few different things that you can do to help promote the development of a boy while pregnant.

1. Timing and recording your cycles (The Billings Method)

This is a method that was developed after various studies concluded that by monitoring the woman’s vaginal mucus, and keeping a track of her ovulation cycle you can work out what the best day to have sex will be for the development of either gender. Keeping track of your vaginal mucus consistency and texture will help you to chart exactly when you should have intercourse for the best chance of conceiving a boy.

This is done by both regular hormone testing, which you can buy online or take at a fertility clinic, and by the woman’s own knowledge of her menstrual cycle. There is also a list of instructions for the man to follow too, such as abstinence of masturbation 3 days before your partner’s peak fertility day along with dietary and lifestyle changes to adopt in order to improve your sperm quality. Ultimately you want to promote the health and production of the male sperm if you want to conceive a boy.

2. Dietary improvements

Now it should be common knowledge that the overall health and suitability of your body for pregnancy can be directly linked to your diet and lifestyle, it’s less commonly known that your specific diet can have a dramatic effect on the gender of your child. On the woman’s side, there are many things you can try that can help you improve your chances of having a boy, such as eating a more alkaline based diet in order to change the acidity of your cervix to a more alkaline environment which helps the male sperm thrive, and thus will help improve your odds of having a male baby. Eating things like figs, apricots and tomato juice to help give you that alkaline boost.

Oddly enough, the timing of your meals can also have a big part to play in your baby’s gender, one study showed that women who eat a calorie-rich breakfast had a higher chance of conceiving a boy. Even more bizarrely is that the study made a link between male birth rate and eating breakfast cereals at the beginning of the day. Showing again how small changes to your diet can change the gender odds in your favor.

Another thing you can try is to also increase your potassium and sodium intake, and eating less calcium can also help to promote the development of a baby boy. Eating salt used to be a home remedy in medieval times that supposedly helped produce male offspring. While eating salt alone is not what is recommended, increasing your sodium intake has definitely shown to improve the chances of having a boy while pregnant.

3. The Shettles Method

Another well-known and popular method of predetermining the gender of your baby, the Shettles method, which is based on the notion that male sperm cells are smaller and faster than their female counterparts. Whereas female sperm cells are thought to be bigger, stronger and more hardy in terms of survival. It also suggests that having intercourse close to the woman’s peak ovulation day can help promote having a baby boy, although for the most accurate readings you need to invest in a home ovulation detection kit.

The next step in the Shettles method is to have deep penetration during sex and to ejaculate deep in order to help the quicker male sperm reach the egg first. It also suggests that ensuring that the woman climaxes during the act of intercourse will cause the vaginal mucus to become more alkaline heavy, further promoting the development and speed of the male sperm cells. Ultimately both the Shettles and the Billings method require due diligence in terms of monitoring your cycles and improving your lifestyle to get the results you want.

4. Sperm spinning and Pre Implant Genetic Testing

One thing that can dramatically improve the odds of having a baby boy Is the use of elective IVF treatment for gender selection purposes. One particular treatment that is used termed “sperm spinning” which involves collecting a semen sample from the man and placing it on top of an albumin solution. The theory pertains that the smaller, faster male sperm cells will swim through the albumin faster.

The sperm cells are then determined to be either male or female and, obviously if you are trying for a boy, the male cells are then used to fertilize the woman’s eggs. This is usually done in conjunction with IVF treatments so the doctors can cultivate and develop a strong and viable fertilized egg in order to implant in the mother for the remainder of the pregnancy.

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