4 Questions to Ask at Your First IVF Consultation

Going through the motions of finding a suitable IVF clinic to handle your fertility treatment can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Add on top of this the general feeling of uncertainty that usually comes with the knowledge that you have a reproductive health issue and it becomes easier to understand these emotions. But if […]

How to Improve IVF Success Rates After Embryo Implantation

Your journey through IVF treatment will most likely be a rollercoaster of different emotions, from joy and hopefulness through to anxiety and concern. However, the most nerve-racking time for many women is the embryo transfer process, as it is the final step of their treatment and the final hurdle to becoming pregnant. Throughout this time […]

BMI and IVF, Should I Be Concerned?

Some of the more common questions asked by the patients at First Fertility are regarding their weight, lifestyle or BMI. Rising obesity rates across the world have meant that, unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the issue. This is worrying for patients undergoing IVF treatment as the potential consequences of having a high […]