Why is Thailand an excellent choice for male fertility treatment?

Male fertility is declining around the world with this been attributed to environmental factors along with men leading more stressful lives and working longer hours than ever before. Of course, that is no different in an up and coming country such as Thailand. An increasing number of men are now seeking a male fertility check […]

Why is egg freezing increasing in popularity in Thailand?

The concept of egg freezing is not new and has been used for medical reasons for decades. However, with increasing numbers of women becoming more focused on their careers, a trend for starting families later in life has developed. Egg freezing has become more popular with a society moving away from a male-orientated culture to […]

A Complete Guide to IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (commonly referred to as IVF) is easily one of the best recognized and commonly used fertility treatment for couples who struggle to conceive. It is a process which takes time and careful consideration by both the patient and their advising medical professional, as with any medical procedure, it comes with risks and […]