Why is egg freezing increasing in popularity in Thailand?


The concept of egg freezing is not new and has been used for medical reasons for decades. However, with increasing numbers of women becoming more focused on their careers, a trend for starting families later in life has developed. Egg freezing has become more popular with a society moving away from a male-orientated culture to one that embraces equality. Admittedly, there is still some way to go, but the progress is positive.

Thailand has first-class medical facilities on par with most western countries. Egg freezing is conducted in specialist medical clinics. Physicians and doctors with international training and years of experience dedicated to this form of medicine perform the procedure in private, relaxed surroundings. Your comfort and safety are of paramount importance throughout the process. Your eggs will be stored in carefully monitored conditions to ensure they stay in perfect condition.

Reasons for Freezing Eggs

Egg freezing is undertaken for a variety of reasons. These can be due to medical or family planning reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

Women with Cancer

Cancers such as cervical cancer may require the women to undergo a hysterectomy which would leave her infertile. Also, cancers that require radiotherapy or chemotherapy pose a threat to egg production, which could affect her ability to conceive. In these cases, egg freezing before treatment commences is recommended for women still wishing to have children.

Family Planning

Bangkok is an increasingly cosmopolitan city, and westerner culture is creeping into modern society. As a result, equality is accepted, and women are looking to pursue further education or career advancement. It means that they are starting families later. As fertility declines with age, egg freezing in Bangkok is popular with younger women who wish to start their families later than would have previously been the cultural norm.

The Process

Of course, for any medical procedure, there will be some natural nervousness. Egg freezing in Bangkok is a relatively quick and painless medical procedure which takes place in comfortable surroundings. It is a two-stage process as detailed below:

Stage One

Stage one is the longest stage of the process and involves the retrieval of eggs from the donor. The quality of the eggs is vital, so the donor is injected with a hormone to stimulate egg production. The injection is given around ten days before the eggs are extracted. Once the doctors are satisfied that the eggs are mature enough, the eggs are retrieved using a needle. The patient is sedated throughout to reduce any discomfort.

Stage Two

The second stage is the freezing of the eggs under strict medical conditions to preserve their quality. The eggs remain frozen until the donor feels ready to start a family. The second part of the IVF process is now ready to begin. The eggs are fertilised in a laboratory and monitored to determine which egg represents the highest chance of success. The egg develops into an embryo and is transferred to the uterus where it will grow as usual during pregnancy.

Chances of Pregnancy

The chances of becoming pregnant resemble the chances of becoming pregnant naturally at the age that the eggs were frozen. The chances of becoming pregnant reduce the older the donor is at the time that the eggs were frozen. If the eggs are implanted before they develop into an embryo the chances of becoming pregnant are 30 to 60 per cent, but if the eggs are fertilised in a laboratory, the chances are as high as 85 per cent.

Optimum Age for Freezing Eggs

Ideally, eggs should be frozen when the women are in their early 20s as this will give the best chance of having the most healthy eggs. It is recommended that the procedure takes place before the age of 36, although globally the average age is 37. Eggs can only remain frozen for a maximum of ten years, and this is cited as the main reason why women in their early 20s rarely choose to freeze their eggs for family planning purposes.

Choosing a Clinic

There are several egg freezing clinics in Bangkok, so it is essential that you conduct appropriate research before deciding the best options for you. The facilities and standard of care do vary, so choosing a first-class medical clinic with experienced medical teams and state-of-the-art equipment is essential. Here at First Fertility, all our teams undergo continual training in the faces techniques and procedures.

Egg Freezing Globally

Recent reports claim egg freezing in Bangkok has become so popular that is has now been dubbed the “Egg Capital” of the world. In many cases, the trend is called “social egg freezing” and follows the same pattern as had previously been witnessed in Europe and the US. It is now a socially accepted practice with women in their late 30s, 40s and even 50s choosing to start a family later than generations previously.


As a professional clinic, it is vital that you are made aware of the potential disadvantages of egg freezing in Bangkok. Managing expectations is a crucial part of ensuring a donor emotional wellbeing both at the start and end of the process. Here are three things you should be aware of:

Some Eggs will be Lost

The longer the eggs are frozen, the more eggs that will be lost. Therefore, the more eggs that are frozen the higher the chance of having a live birth. The older you get, the more eggs need to be taken to increase your chances of success, although this is not always possible due to the natural aging cycle.

The Procedure May Need to Take Place Many Times

It is vital to be aware that there are no guarantees that the process will be successful for the first time. However, at a first-class clinic using the latest procedures and state-of-the-art equipment, the chances of success are increased.

It Might Not Work

The older that the woman gets, the lower her chances of being able to conceive as in nature. Egg freezing will undoubtedly increase your chances, but women of any age may find conceiving difficult.


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