Why is Thailand an excellent choice for male fertility treatment?


Male fertility is declining around the world with this been attributed to environmental factors along with men leading more stressful lives and working longer hours than ever before. Of course, that is no different in an up and coming country such as Thailand. An increasing number of men are now seeking a male fertility check in Bangkok, concerned about that ability to father children now or in the future.

A male fertility check in Bangkok can be conducted at first-class clinics such as First Fertility. With state-of-the-art-facilities and privacy guarantees, men are comfortable to visit in what previously may have been an embarrassing and intimidating environment. Some men are only looking for reassurance; others need to make lifestyle changes, while others may need further treatment which can be offered by the clinic.

When You Should Take a Male Fertility Check?

There are several reasons why a man should take a male fertility check. He may experience a change in sexual desire, pain or swelling in the testes, erection problems, problems with ejaculation or noticed he has small or firm testes. Many of the issues are linked to hormone levels and can easily be identified with blood and related tests. The tests are painless and conducted in the strictest of confidence.

Why Choose Thailand?

There many reasons why an individual may choose Thailand for a fertility check. A male fertility check in Bangkok may be the destination of choice if the individual has some social issues connected with fertility. He may feel that the need to get a test questions his masculinity, so wishes to keep the check private away from family and friends. However, in most cases, it is for one of or a combination of the following reasons.

1. Cost

The cost of high-quality healthcare in Thailand is lower than in most western countries, along with other countries in the region such as Singapore and Malaysia. As a result, if treatment is required, the costs are far more affordable meaning they are available higher numbers of people. The cost of medical treatment has opened up Thailand as the perfect destination for medical tourism.

2. Medical Professionals

If you attend a world-class clinic such as First Fertility, you can be confident that all medical professionals have undergone rigorous training. The doctors, nurses and physicians all receive continual training in the latest techniques and procedures. Anyone receiving treatment can be confident that they are in the best possible hands giving them the reassurance and peace of mind that they need.

3. Facilities

Thailand is home to some of the most exceptional hospitals in Southeast Asia. Hospitals and specialist clinics have state-of-the-art equipment to treat patients for their conditions properly. Patients who require inpatient treatment have private rooms and will be treated by attentive staff. As specialist clinics are usually quite small, patients receive dedicated care, which will help to speed up their recovery. The level of care received usually is only available to the rich and famous in many other countries.

4. Visa Requirements

Thailand is a relatively easy country to enter with a Visa on Arrival (VoA) being granted at the airport for many nationalities. As a result, travelling to Thailand for medical treatment is easy and stress-free, making it a more favourable destination than other countries. The fact that you don’t need to apply for a visa before travelling can also help with privacy issues.

5.  Location

Thailand is a country that is easily accessible from all four corners of the globe with Suvarnabhumi Airport being a regional hub. The convenience for getting to Thailand makes it an ideal location for receiving medical treatment. Also, the kingdom has so many things to offer tourists so a male fertility check in Bangkok can form just a small element of your trip. With ancient ruins in Ayutthaya to the fantastic beaches in the south, the country has so much to offer tourists.

What Happens During a Male Fertility Test?

A male fertility check in Bangkok is completely painless and should not cause too much concern. The test will be conducted in stages, and each step will be explained to you by the doctor, nurse or physician. If you have any questions, you should always be comfortable asking them. The process involves:

Physical Examination and Medical History

Your doctor will need to learn more about your medical history. It is to establish if you have any chronic or inherited conditions, illnesses or injuries that may affect your fertility. You will also be asked questions about your lifestyle, sexual habits and your experiences during puberty. A physical examination of your genitals will also take place.

Semen Analysis

The doctor will request a sample of your semen, which will then undergo analysis. It is usually collected by the patient masturbating and ejaculating into a container while at the clinic. A sperm count will be done as well as an analysis of the shape (morphology) and mobility (motility) of the sperm. It is common for several samples to be required as semen levels can fluctuate significantly.

Hormone Testing

A simple blood test will detect any hormonal abnormalities. The initial test will assess your levels of testosterone, although it may also test for other hormones such as oestrogen and cortisol. It is known as endocrinology.

Scrotal Ultrasound

High-frequency sound waves are passed through the scrotum to produce an image of your testes. It is used to establish if you have a condition such as varicocele or any other testicular problems. The test only takes a few minutes and is entirely painless.


A test may be performed on your urine post-ejaculation. If sperm are present, it would suggest that they are travelling into the bladder as opposed to out of the penis at ejaculation. It is known as retrograde ejaculation.

Testicular Biopsy

The test is used to identify if there is a blockage or problem with the transportation of sperm. It involves the removal of a small sample of the testes using a needle. A local anaesthetic will be applied before a sample is taken.


In the case where sperm concentration is deficient, it is possible that this could be due to genetics. Changes to the Y chromosome could suggest a variety of congenital or inherited conditions.

If you are interested in having a fertility check-up, then contact one of our expert consultants here, we’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.