How Could You Benefit From Semen Analysis in Bangkok?


For couples that are experiencing problems conceiving a baby, it can be a challenging period. Both parents may blame themselves or even each other. If the issues continue, it is essential that you get to the root cause of the complication, and this could involve the male partner having a semen analysis in Bangkok.

If you have considered semen analysis, there is a good chance you will be experiencing a few concerns. Men are often reluctant to talk about their problems and even less willing to accept that they may have a problem. However, at First Fertility, you will be greeted by our understanding and compassionate team who will quickly put your mind at ease. Our discussions will be treated in the strictest of confidence so you should feel free to talk openly with our professionals.

What Is Semen Analysis?

 Semen analysis is often referred to as a “seminogram” and is conducted to ascertain specific characteristics of the male’s sperm. The investigation usually takes place to assess male fertility when couples are thinking about having a baby. It can also be conducted to determine if a vasectomy was successful.

The process is entirely painless and involves an investigation into the contents of the semen, including sperm, sugars and protein which are released from the male’s body during ejaculation. The focus of the semen screening is into assessing the health of the sperm with three main factors being considered:

  • The number of sperm present
  • The shape of the sperm (morphology)
  • The sperm’s movement (motility)


As this is an important medical procedure, it vital that you prepare correctly before taking the test. As the results of the test will influence what treatment you may or may not need, we need the information to be accurate. Before taking the test, you should:

  • Avoid ejaculation for between 24 and 72 hours
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and drugs for three to five days
  • Avoid any non-prescription medication including hormone medication
  • Tell your doctor about any prescribed medication

Benefits of Semen Analysis

Of course, the primary purpose of undergoing a semen analysis to gain some advantages and some answer as to why you and your partner are having problems conceding a baby. Although some issues may present themselves, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Once the problems have been identified and the root cause established, we can work with you to address and overcome them.

Peace of Mind

One of the significant benefits of having your semen analysed is that it will give you peace of mind. Sometimes not knowing is worse than knowing and can cause sleepless nights, stress and irritability, sometimes causing tensions between the couple. If no problems are highlighted, this will, of course, be a huge relief. If an issue does show, we can work on rectifying it. In most cases, when a man is experiencing fertility problems, we can help even if that involves some form of fertility treatment. The most important thing is not to worry about it.

Identify Specific Problems

Often patients have an inclining that they have a problem but have chosen to ignore it. However, even if you wish to deny that you have this problem, it will show up in the semen analysis. The problem may or may not exist or may not be as bad as what you had feared. Our highly trained doctors will give you an accurate diagnosis and lots of information that you can take away and absorb. Naturally, we will inform you about what the next steps are which in itself brings peace of mind.

May Identify Other Health Issues

In some cases, other underlying health issues are identified – some are minor; some are more serious and need to be treated. However, once you become aware of these problems, you are beginning to take the right path to get them treated. Again, you may have had some concerns that were eating away at the back of your mind. You may not have even realised that they were connected; however, the quicker you begin treatment, the quicker you will be feeling better again.

Provide Positive Solutions

Positive solutions are a welcome relief for anyone. Once you have some idea about what is needed to address the problem, you will instantly feel better. Often the solutions are relatively straightforward and will have little impact of your day to day life. However, the relief that you and your partner will feel will have a positive effect on both of your lives. Feeling that you are one step closer to having a family of your own will bring happiness.

Bring You Closer as a Family

Once you are on a definite course of action, it will help to bring you and your family closer together. Barriers or obstacles that may have even been subconscious often fall away. A happy family environment is something beneficial for everyone on a personal and also professional basis. You will witness improvements in seemingly unrelated aspects of your life which will have long-lasting benefits.

It Will Increase Your Chances of Having a Baby

Of course, having a semen analysis will greatly improve your chances of starting a family, especially if it is the male who has been experiencing some problem. Most couples would like children as they bring joy to a household. As the chances of conceiving increase, the pressure will reduce as you will know that the dream of having a family all of your own is getting closer.

No Guarantees

It is important to acknowledge that for all the available benefits, benefits that certainly outweigh the negatives, even after a semen analysis, there are no guarantees that the female partner will become pregnant. At First Fertility we will highlight these points so that families can prepare themselves emotionally for what may remain a rollercoaster ride. Being mentally and emotionally prepared will mean that you and your partner can remain strong long into the future.