Is there an increased risk of miscarriage after IVF treatment?

We always find that when couples visit our clinic, they inevitably have lots of questions, and indeed, this is something that we encourage. One topic that frequently gets discussed is regarding the chances of miscarriage with IVF treatment. Of course, it is a sensible question, especially for couples who are already enduring the heartache of […]

Is IVF right for me?

The pain and heartache of not being able to conceive is a feeling that is experienced by many couples around the world. Despite months, perhaps even years of trying, they have not been blessed with a child. It is something that will inevitably cause tension within the household, with feelings of desperation and self-loathing common. […]

How to choose a fertility clinic

If your doctor has advised you that you have a fertility problem or you have been trying for a baby without success, the pressure can feel overwhelming. You will no doubt have numerous questions going around your head whilst also feeling anxious and experiencing plenty of uncertainty. If you have been advised that you need […]

Should I try health supplements before embarking on fertility treatment?

If you and your partner have been trying for a baby for more than twelve months without success, potentially you could have some fertility problems. It can cause significant amounts of friction and stress in a relationship with partners, often blaming themselves or each other. We would always suggest that if you find yourself in […]