Top 14 foods to boost your sperm count

When fertility is discussed, there is a tendency to assume that the problem lies with the female. However, it is increasingly common for males to have low sperm counts or poor sperm quality with modern lifestyles. Simple changes to lifestyle such as losing weight, taking more exercise and wearing looser underwear can see the man’s […]

How to prepare for fertility treatment

For most couples, preparing for fertility treatment is an unsettling period. It usually comes after years of trying for a baby without success and sometimes after miscarriages had been experienced. For many couples, it will mean using their life savings in the hope that they will finally be able to start a family of their […]

What is hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a common procedure used to identify, diagnose or treat several issues in the woman’s uterus. The procedure is conducted using a piece of equipment known as a hysteroscope, a thin and flexible tube fitted with a camera and a light. It is a similar instrument to the ones used in keyhole surgery and […]