Australia Vs Thailand, Which Is Better For IVF?


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that helps otherwise sterile patients to concede. The procedure isn’t perfect, and not everybody is successful, but still, countless people have had babies with help from IVF over the years.

Regardless, if you’re planning on trying IVF, then you will no doubt have many questions and lots to think about. One thing that will be on many people’s minds is where to have the treatment, and there are numerous options available. Two of these options include Australia and Thailand, and this article takes a look at how they compare.

Treatment Cost

Depending on your circumstances, getting IVF treatment in Thailand will be considerably more affordable than in Australia, making the Asian option the best choice for many. Thailand also maintains high international standards regarding medical treatment, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice safety and quality for cost. 

Something else to consider is that Thai medical centres have partly evolved into hotels as they look to offer potential customers a great deal. As such, you can expect to be treated as a valued guest and have access to all the facilities you need. Even if you’re not an inpatient, your stay at a Thai private hospital is likely to be a comfortable one.

Regardless, it’s best to do some shopping around in both countries for a feel of how much they cost. 

The Hospitals

You will naturally want to be in safe hands, with professionals that know how to get results while ensuring your safety at all times. The good news is that both countries offer medical services that are safe and provide an excellent quality of service overall.

Australia has modern health services that are among the best on the planet. However, Thailand also boasts one of the world’s best health systems despite still being classified as a developing country. Of course, many of the country’s health facilities have been constructed with health tourism in mind, but still, Thailand has many quality hospitals and fertility clinics with well-trained doctors and other staff. 


Australia is an English-speaking country, but Thailand not so much. Of course, you will find English speakers in Thailand, but you will also likely experience times when you’re trying to communicate but need help from a translator. Many Thai doctors can speak English, but that’s not the case for many others.

You might appreciate easy communication if you are feeling anxious and possibly feeling symptoms from your IVF treatment. However, Thailand is well geared up to cater to visitors, so any language barriers should not pose a significant problem. 



You will need a place to stay during your treatment. If you live in Australia, you can find a local IVF treatment centre, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about accommodation. However, if you live in Australia and you will need to stay in a hotel, the Thailand option starts looking more attractive financially. 

Both countries are very well catered to care for tourists accommodation wise, with a range of quality hotels to choose from. However, Thai accommodation is considerably less costly, and it’s also an opportunity to stay in luxury accommodation that might have been out of your comfort had you gone to Australia.

The Food

Any trip abroad is an opportunity to try out new foods, and a trip for IVF treatment is no exception. Both countries are among the best destinations in the works where food is concerned. 

Australia and Thailand have very different diets, with Thai cuisine known for its spiciness while Australian cuisine more closely resembles western cuisine. Many people will have trouble with spicy food, but not all Thai cuisine has spice in it. You will also find plenty of western food in Thailand, although you might have no choice but to eat Thai if you end up in a rural area. 

What to Do 

The IVF procedure can take weeks. This means that if you’re travelling for treatment, you will likely have a lot of spare time on your hands. You won’t want to be sitting around in your hotel all the time, so you’ll probably want to go exploring. 

Both countries have so much to offer in terms of things to see and do. Australia has famous opera houses and art galleries, to sporting venues and stunning coral reefs. Thailand has beaches, bustling cities, a famously warm welcome and incredible food to try on every corner. There’s also Thailand’s legendary nightlife, but remember that you should not drink alcohol. 

It’s really difficult to pick one over the other, and you will have plenty to do at both locations. Which is best for you will largely be down to personal preferences and your budget. 


If you’re in a different country, you’d might as well make the most of the trip with some shopping. Both Australia and Thailand excel when it comes to shopping.

As you might expect from a developed country, Australia has everything from markets to upper-end shopping malls. On the other hand, Thailand is a shopper’s paradise, with the world’s largest weekend market (Chatuchak) and modern shopping malls selling global brands. As you might expect, you will also find plenty of opportunities to buy local arts and crafts in both counties. 


Thailand is the obvious choice for many people because of the lower costs, helping to bring treatment within the financial reach of many people. You can also expect a very high standard of service in Thailand thanks to some of the best facilities in the world.

Of course, Australia has plenty to offer as well and boasts one of the best health systems anywhere on the planet. If you have a more flexible budget and you would prefer more familiar surroundings, then Australia might be the best option for you.

Regardless of which you choose, you can expect to find among the finest IVF treatment anywhere on the planet. When you’re in such good hands, you have much better chances of reaching your dream and starting your own family.