Do Vaginal Yeast Infections Affect Fertility?

We are aware that some people are worried about how vaginal yeast infections can affect their ability to conceive. Even while a woman’s capacity to conceive may not be directly harmed by yeast infections, there are a number of features of these infections that might be harmful to your reproductive health. Inflammation in the vaginal […]

How Much Does IVF Cost?

Many women have difficulty getting pregnant, no matter how hard they try. And this could be down to numerous potential reasons and both sexes can be affected. This means that many people are unable to fulfil their dream of starting their own families. The good news is that modern medicine has come to the rescue […]

IUI Vs IVF, What’s The Difference?

Unfortunately for many couples globally, infertility means their chances of starting a family are slim at best. Or at least that was the case before scientific developments mean we can now aid the process, giving more people the family they’ve always dreamed about having. Everybody’s circumstances are different so different approaches to infertility have been […]

Is Ovary Size Important to Get Pregnant?

At First Fertility Clinic we often get asked questions concerning the importance of ovarian size in conceiving. It is important to note that although ovarian size is a determinant in fertility, it is not the only factor. The ovaries, small almond-shaped glands nestled within the pelvis, play a critical role in female reproduction. These glands […]

What is IVF and How Does it Work?

IVF stands for in vitro fertilisation. In layman’s terms, this means fertilizing an egg in a petri dish or test tube outside of the body. With help from the latest imaging technology and other tools, professionals can select individual eggs and sperm and introduce them outside the body so fertilization can happen.  Once the egg […]