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First Fertility Center Limited launched a popular and luxury one-stop service for IVF treatment in Thailand and Cambodia providing a highly successful step by step IVF program that incorporates modern technology, proven IVF techniques and an astute focus on helping mums completely unwind and relax throughout their journey.

Our Center is one of Asia’s leading infertility treatment clinics. We specialize in providing the most advanced level of care while maintaining a commitment to a patient friendly environment.

Our Doctors Team are one of Thailand’s most renowned fertility specialists and has helped many international patients achieve their dream of having a family of their own.

The team at First Fertility Center Group continuously looks to partner with and work with experts on the field of IVF in order to expand our knowledge and understanding in order to achieve the best results for our patients Our successful pregnancy rate of more than 60% and increasing higher, is our primary focus and our compassion, personal attention and medical expertise is what makes us the most respected fertility clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced IVF doctors, embryologists, nurses and personal assistants that can assist and guide patients through the IVF process.

The teams in Bangkok and Phnom Penh work together to provide patients seamless service and excitement in bringing a healthy baby into each family. Both centers also offer couples an enjoyable and relaxing vacation during their treatment for a rare, exciting and unique IVF program.

Our service has been designed to be as convenient as possible for our patients. In addition, First Fertility Center Group stands out from other IVF clinics or hospital because of the personlised care and advanced clinical conditions. We are one of the few IVF clinics in the world to collect, create, culture and store embryos in a clean room environment; an operational and technological asset that has time and again proven to increase the success rate of IVF.

We look after every step of your journey from the moment you leave your home to the moment you return.Relaxation is the most important facet of successful and healthy child birth, and as such we relieve you of all the stresses involved with undergoing IVF overseas. Sit back and relax as we book your flights and accommodation, chauffeur you from Bangkok’s international airport to your hotel and help you relax in your apartment. We also provide you with 24 hour personal support available for the duration of your stay.

After your arrival, on your first visit to our high-tech IVC facility you will instantly be reassured that we stand by our reputation for being one of the best in Asia at what we do. This is because our sole function is IVF. Therefore, we move away from the idea of performing IVF treatments in a stressful and busy hospital environment and instead offer a more spacious and reassuring tranquil environment. This is all performed in our modern IVF facility set over 1,200 square meters of floor space situated in one of the most affluent areas of Bangkok near the BTS.

Inside our clinic you will be met by our friendly and multilingual team ready to begin your journey into one of the most stress free IVF programs in the world. Our doctors have over 10 years’ experience in the field of IVF and claim the highest success rates in IVF today. Coupled with our expertise in IVF technology and our experienced doctors, our clinic offers a high chance of success.

Our only objective is to provide couples with a healthy baby using and researching state of the art medical science to produce both male and female embryos that are free of any genetic or chromosome abnormalities.