Freezing Eggs or Embryos and The Potential Benefits and Risks

Most women’s eggs will gradually begin to lose their health once she passes thirty years old. And as eggs become less healthy, so it becomes less likely they can be fertilized and develop into a baby. As such, once a woman passes the age of 30, it becomes increasingly harder for her to become pregnant. […]

Is Egg Freezing Possible For a Single Woman in Thailand?

The laws of Thailand are stringent concerning anything connected to fertility treatment in the Kingdom. The laws are there to protect vulnerable men and women who could be exploited for financial gain and also to ensure that everything is done ethically. The penalties for breaching any of these laws are severe, and no professional clinic […]

Why is egg freezing increasing in popularity in Thailand?

The concept of egg freezing is not new and has been used for medical reasons for decades. However, with increasing numbers of women becoming more focused on their careers, a trend for starting families later in life has developed. Egg freezing has become more popular with a society moving away from a male-orientated culture to […]

Egg Freezing Becoming More and More Successful

Egg vitrification is simply the process of freezing a woman’s eggs so that they can be used for fertilization at a later time. While once seen as a highly experimental process, because there are more and more successes with this process and with IVF in general, egg vitrification is not seen as experimental and is […]