Is Gender Selection Possible Without IVF?

Parents today have much more control over many aspects of conception. There was once a time when people could only know the gender of their child at birth. Now, parents can choose what gender of the child will be conceived thanks to advancements in reproductive medicine.  Gender selection refers to choosing what gender of the […]

What Are The Benefits of Gender Selection?

Although gender selection can be a divisive issue is some societies, it is something that is becoming increasingly common. It is a practice that has been going on for decades and has numerous benefits, especially for families who maybe have several children of the same sex. Often it is something that parents have given careful […]

4 Most Common Reasons for Gender Selection Treatment

Everybody has an expectation of what they want from life. Some aspire to have a successful career or to travel. But at some stage in everybody’s life, there will come a time when they think about having kids or what they would want out of deciding to have children. And while we all know exactly […]