The Impact of Micronutrients on Fertility

When pursuing what may sometimes seem like the elusive parenthood dream, we often fixate on the macro aspects – tracking ovulation, timing intimacy, screening for issues. But there are other factors at play, and their impact is frequently overlooked. In this case, we’re talking about micronutrients – those vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that serve […]

How Smoking Can Harm your Chance of Conceiving

Many people understand smoking’s negative effect on lung health. But it’s lesser-known that smoking significantly damages both men’s and women’s chances of conceiving. This article delves into smoking’s harmful effects on male and female fertility. Plus, it highlights the benefits of quitting. We’ll divulge the overlooked link between smoking and struggling to become pregnant. Does […]

Should I try health supplements before embarking on fertility treatment?

If you and your partner have been trying for a baby for more than twelve months without success, potentially you could have some fertility problems. It can cause significant amounts of friction and stress in a relationship with partners, often blaming themselves or each other. We would always suggest that if you find yourself in […]