Is IVF Guaranteed To Work?

Fertility problems have become increasingly familiar, with an estimated 9% of men and 11% of women in the U.S. suffering from them. One of the best-known treatment options for this challenge is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Despite being relatively expensive and invasive, the procedures undertaken in this treatment continue to be highly sought after both […]

What Can I Do To Help Implantation After IVF?

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the most effective type of assisted reproductive treatment. It does not however fully guarantee that you will conceive as you hope. There are however ways you can help the process along. Multiple factors come into play when it comes to issues of fertility and conception. There are also multiple stages […]

What Is the Difference Between IVF and Test Tube Baby?

When couples find it difficult to conceive, they will often seek out fertility treatments. Problems with conception can stem from both men and women. Some of the possible reasons behind this problem include: Reduced fertility in men and women Blocked fallopian tubes Endometriosis Fibroids Genetic disorders Couples are often advised to seek fertility treatment only […]

Is there an increased risk of miscarriage after IVF treatment?

We always find that when couples visit our clinic, they inevitably have lots of questions, and indeed, this is something that we encourage. One topic that frequently gets discussed is regarding the chances of miscarriage with IVF treatment. Of course, it is a sensible question, especially for couples who are already enduring the heartache of […]

How to choose a fertility clinic

If your doctor has advised you that you have a fertility problem or you have been trying for a baby without success, the pressure can feel overwhelming. You will no doubt have numerous questions going around your head whilst also feeling anxious and experiencing plenty of uncertainty. If you have been advised that you need […]

IVF versus ICSI success rates

For couples who are experiencing problems conceiving the stress can, at times, become almost unbearable, often putting an incredible strain on a relationship. Sadly, many couples don’t seek the help they need and what may be a relatively minor complication remains unresolved. For most, a trip to a fertility clinic will result in recommendations regarding […]

Can IVF Treatment Be Used in Family Balancing?

Family balancing in its broadest sense is a family that has equal numbers of males and females in it. However, in reality, when it comes to family balancing in practical terms, it is because there is a significant imbalance in the number of males or females and the parents would like to determine the sex […]

Why Choose to Have IVF Treatment in Bangkok?

Couples who are experiencing difficulty conceiving may consider in-vitro fertilisation or IVF as it is more commonly known, as an option. However, wherever you have IVF treatment in the world, it is expensive, and with no guarantees of success, so it will inevitably be a tough decision. As cost is such a significant factor, an […]

A Complete Guide to IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (commonly referred to as IVF) is easily one of the best recognized and commonly used fertility treatment for couples who struggle to conceive. It is a process which takes time and careful consideration by both the patient and their advising medical professional, as with any medical procedure, it comes with risks and […]