Is Gender Selection Possible Without IVF?

Parents today have much more control over many aspects of conception. There was once a time when people could only know the gender of their child at birth. Now, parents can choose what gender of the child will be conceived thanks to advancements in reproductive medicine.  Gender selection refers to choosing what gender of the […]

What is the best age to consider egg freezing?

If you are reading this article, then you are almost certainly considering egg freezing as an option. One of the most critical things that you must do is conduct research on the subject, including the best age to consider egg freezing. Egg freezing is commonly used for assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as in-vitro fertilisation […]

What Are The Benefits of Gender Selection?

Although gender selection can be a divisive issue is some societies, it is something that is becoming increasingly common. It is a practice that has been going on for decades and has numerous benefits, especially for families who maybe have several children of the same sex. Often it is something that parents have given careful […]

4 Things you can do to help conceive a Baby Boy

There are many reasons why a couple would want specific genders when they are trying for a baby. After all, most people have an ideal picture in their mind when they think about the kind of family they want to have and the majority of people envision themselves having both a boy and a girl. […]

Age and Infertility

If a woman ever says that she feels as if her biological clock is ticking, she may have a point. It turns out that a woman’s fertility starts to gradually decline in her mid-thirties. These days, more and more people wait to get married and have children. That could lead to an increase in the […]

4 Most Common Reasons for Gender Selection Treatment

Everybody has an expectation of what they want from life. Some aspire to have a successful career or to travel. But at some stage in everybody’s life, there will come a time when they think about having kids or what they would want out of deciding to have children. And while we all know exactly […]

Understanding the Main Steps in a Typical IVF Treatment

Women often want to know whether or not IVF treatments are painful. The truth is that everyone has a different experience. People tolerate pain differently. There are also many other details that can affect the level of discomfort or pain that you may experience. A typical IVF treatment requires you to take various medications to […]

Reasons You Might Have Had a False Positive Pregnancy Test

You’ve just received a text from your wife, or she has just called you at work. At first, you don’t think too much of it. Your wife texting you at work isn’t anything out of the ordinary, and it probably isn’t anything that can’t wait another few minutes before break. But the texts keep coming, […]

Family Planning and the IVF Timeframe

If you have decided on in vitro fertilization (IVF), you may be wondering when you can see results. After all, you have still not conceived and have been waiting a long time for a baby. If you know what to expect along these lines, you can assure the health of your baby and experience more […]

Benefits of Transferring Blastocysts Instead of Embryos for IVF

At First Fertility, we have offered fertility medicine to women who struggle with natural conception for many years. To continue delivering effective IVF treatments, we pay attention to all fertility developments, including the latest techniques, procedures, and medicines. There have been many advances for us to track in the past several decades. However, the most […]