Egg Freezing

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Egg freezing is for women that want to delay having a child and preserve her fertility. With egg freezing technology those that choose to have a baby in their 40s and even 50s still have a high chance of success because the uterus does not age in the same way as the ovary and oocytes. There are already numerous cases of famous movie stars freezing their eggs so they can continue with their acting career.

Women diagnosed with cancer

Women with cancer also choose egg freezing as the future may be uncertain and also in cases where there is a risk that the cycle of egg production may be damaged through treatments such as radiation.

Women that want to preserve fertility in order to pursue a professional career or education

With age fertility has proven to decline many women opt to freeze their eggs at an early stage in their reproductive process.

The Egg Freezing Process


Step one of the Egg Freezing process is to retrieve the eggs from the donor. The same hormone injection process used in IVF is carried out prior to extracting the eggs. This entire process can take over ten days to perform. When the eggs are mature enough for extraction, a needle is used to extract the eggs while the female patient is under sedation


Step 2 of the Egg Freezing Process is to freeze the eggs until they are thawed when the donor is ready for the second part of the IVF process. The eggs are fertilized and tests are carried out to see which egg offers the most success. The egg now becomes an embryo and is then transferred to the uterus. Soon the embryo will grow and normal child birth will ensue.