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About NewGenIVF Group Limited

NewGenIVF Group Limited is the parent company and founding entity of First Fertility, providing strategic leadership and expertise in the assisted reproductive services (ARS) sector across the Asia Pacific region. Our mission is centered on enabling individuals and couples to achieve their parenthood aspirations, overcoming fertility challenges with advanced and accessible treatments.

As the guiding force behind First Fertility, NewGenIVF Group Limited specializes in:

  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment: Delivering comprehensive IVF services, including traditional IVF procedures and egg donation, tailored to diverse fertility needs with a commitment to exceptional medical care.
  • Surrogacy and Ancillary Caring Services: Supporting various paths to parenthood through ethical and compassionate surrogacy arrangements, ensuring personalized care and support.

With extensive experience in the ARS market and healthcare industry, NewGenIVF Group Limited upholds the highest standards of care across its network of clinics including Thailand, Cambodia, and Kyrgyzstan. Discover how NewGenIVF Group Limited’s dedication and expertise empower individuals and couples through its subsidiary, First Fertility, on their journey to parenthood.

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