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Having worked in the field of infertility for more than ten years, our medical professionals have continuously produced some of the best success rates in the industry.

What are the IVF Success Rates?

At First Fertility, we fundamentally believe in transparency.  One important consideration in figuring out your odds of success with IVF is your age. The most current data-based IVF success rates are broken down by age here:

  • 41% IVF success rate per embryo transferred for those under 35
  • 33% IVF success rate for ages 35 and 37
  • 25% IVF success rate between 38 and 39
  • 16% IVF success rate between 40 and 42
  • 6% IVF success rate between 43 and 50

IVF Success Rates Over 40

Although many clinics are reluctant to treat women over 40, First Fertility firmly believes that every woman deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams. Our IVF success rates over 40 are among the best in the industry. Many women in their 40s have had their desire of becoming mothers realized with our cutting-edge methods and personalized treatment.

IUI vs. IVF Success Rates

Although for some couples intrauterine insemination (IUI) may be successful and has a number of advantages, IVF frequently has greater success rates. Given the substantially higher rate of success with IVF, many patients may find the higher cost of an IVF cycle to be justified.

Any patient’s chances of success will be based on their unique diagnosis, age, and medical history (and that of their partner, in the case of heterosexual couples). For comparison, though, we can look at the broad statistics, as outlined above.

Reciprocal IVF Success Rates

With reciprocal IVF, sometimes referred to as co-maternity or co-IVF, both partners in a same-sex couple or a couple assigned female at birth can take part in the biological and gestational components of pregnancy:

  • One partner undergoes egg retrieval and ovarian stimulation.
  • In a laboratory, donor sperm is fertilized with the eggs to produce embryos.
  • Transferring the most suitable embryo to the uterus of the other partner then results in pregnancy.

We gladly serve many kinds of diverse families. Female same-sex couples often benefit from similarly high reciprocal IVF success rates as other IVF procedures.

Why Choose First Fertility?

Experience: Staying at the forefront of reproductive health, our doctors have over ten years of IVF experience.

Success Rates: Our data and client endorsements support our claim to have the best success rates in IVF today.

Advanced Techniques: We use preimplantation genetic testing and blastocyst transfers, two of the newest advances in IVF technique.

Personalized Care: We strive for the best results by customizing all our treatments to your particular needs.

Inclusive Care: We are here for you whether you are a single parent-to-be, a same-sex couple or heterosexual couple.

Our Tailored Treatment Options

We understand at our reproductive clinic that every journey is unique. In order to provide you with a variety of customized treatments, including our Guaranteed IVF Packages, we will take the time and care to investigate your medical and family history as well as your particular demands.

  • IVF and ICSI
  • Donor egg and sperm program
  • Preimplantation genetic testing
  • Embryo freezing and transfer
  • Egg donation and surrogacy for patients with particular needs

Advantages of IVF

High Success Rates: IVF offers people who have not had successful previous fertility treatments hope because of its very high success rates.

Increased Control: IVF allows for selection of the healthiest embryos for transfer, which can improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Genetic Screening: Genetic testing for genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities, reducing the risk of passing on hereditary conditions to the offspring.

Flexibility: Choices like embryo freezing and donor eggs or sperm carriers give people and couples the freedom to start a family anyway they choose.

Overcome Fertility Issues: Endometriosis, male factor infertility, blocked fallopian tubes, and unexplained infertility are just a few of the infertile reasons that IVF can help with.

Single Embryo Transfer: With the help of contemporary technology, IVF now more often uses single embryo transfers, which lowers the chance of numerous pregnancy issues.

How Much Does IVF Cost?

Our Commitment to Your Success

It is well recognized that reducing the negative pressures associated with pregnancy can increase the likelihood of a successful IVF treatment plan. Our research has led us to believe that a critical element of success for our new moms is their physical and mental health.

Building on this idea, our constant goal is to maximize every step of the IVF process in order to provide each patient with the greatest outcomes feasible. Modern technology and customized care are used in our clinic to raise the success rates of IVF. While making sure we always maintain our friendly and client-focused attitude, we try to provide innovative solutions.

Your Journey with First Fertility

First Fertility is aware of the psychological and physical journey you must take to succeed with IVF therapy. At every level, our staff is committed to offer the most professional, compassionate support available. Our constant dedication is to provide our patients the information and self-assurance they need to receive comprehensive support through an informed, customized path.

We are of the opinion that the service you receive should be more than a one-off and finish when you get home. For you and your new family member, this is a priceless phase in your lives. We therefore make every effort to ensure that, once you are at home, you can contact our clinic for advice at any time of day or night. Our caring staff members are always accessible.

Feel free to contact us to begin your journey to parenthood.

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