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For couples and individuals facing infertility or other reproductive challenges, Ukraine has emerged as a popular destination for pursuing surrogacy arrangements. The country’s legal framework supports and regulates surrogacy, making it one of the few places in the world where this path to parenthood is permitted.

However, it’s important to note that the ongoing conflict and war in Ukraine, following the Russian invasion in 2022, has created significant uncertainties and potential challenges for pursuing surrogacy services within the country. The safety and well-being of all parties involved, including intended parents, surrogate mothers, and the children born through these arrangements, must be the top priority in such circumstances.

At First Fertility, while we do not directly offer surrogacy services in Ukraine, we understand the complexities involved in exploring this option internationally. Our renowned fertility specialists work closely with a network of trusted international surrogacy providers to guide intended parents through the processes and considerations of pursuing surrogacy in alternative destinations with stable and secure environments.

With our specialist team’s insights, you can navigate your family-building options confidently, including the legal landscape and requirements for surrogacy in other countries. We’re here to counsel you through the medical and legal factors, so you can focus on preparing for the special moment of welcoming your child in a safe and supportive setting.

Surrogacy Laws in Ukraine

Prior to the ongoing conflict, Ukraine had established a legal framework that supported and regulated surrogacy arrangements, setting it apart from many other European countries that had banned or restricted the practice. The country’s laws governed various aspects of surrogacy, including:

  • Permitting both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements
  • Allowing surrogacy for married heterosexual couples facing infertility
  • Prohibiting surrogacy for single individuals and LGBTQ+ couples
  • Requiring surrogacy arrangements to be conducted through accredited medical institutions
  • Establishing the intended parents as the legal parents upon birth, without needing to adopt

Navigating the legal processes and requirements within the country may currently pose significant challenges and risks for foreign intended parents.

How Surrogacy Works in Ukraine (Prior to Conflict)

Surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine typically followed a structured process, involving various medical, legal, and logistical steps. This may have included:

  1. Preparation of documents and legal agreements
  2. Selection of a surrogacy program and agency
  3. Visiting Ukraine for medical procedures and embryo transfer
  4. Monitoring the surrogate’s pregnancy from abroad
  5. Returning to Ukraine for the birth and legal processes
  6. Obtaining necessary documentation for the child’s citizenship and travel

The specifics of each surrogacy journey could vary based on the intended parents’ circumstances, the surrogacy program chosen, and other factors. However, the conflict has likely disrupted these processes and services within Ukraine.

Surrogacy Prices in Ukraine

Prior to the conflict, the cost of surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine could range significantly depending on the specific program, medical procedures required, and additional services. Reputable surrogacy agencies in Ukraine typically offered package pricing that included various components:

  • Compensation for the surrogate mother (often ranging from €15,000 to €22,000)
  • Medical procedures (IVF, embryo transfer, pregnancy monitoring, etc.)
  • Legal fees and documentation
  • Agency fees and coordination services

Surrogacy programs in Ukraine typically charge in the range of around €50,000, with pricing varying based on factors like the use of donor eggs or additional medical services.

It’s important to note that due to the current situation, surrogacy services and operations within Ukraine may be significantly disrupted or halted entirely. Intended parents should exercise caution and seek guidance from reputable international providers regarding surrogacy destinations.

Surrogacy Agencies in Ukraine

While First Fertility does not directly offer surrogacy services in Ukraine, several agencies and clinics previously specialized in facilitating surrogacy arrangements for international intended parents.

It’s advisable for intended parents to thoroughly research and vet any surrogacy agency they consider, ensuring they prioritize ethical practices, legal compliance, and a commitment to the well-being of all parties involved, particularly in light of the current circumstances in Ukraine.

Ukraine Surrogacy Requirements

Prior to the conflict, Ukraine’s surrogacy laws and regulations established specific requirements for intended parents and surrogate mothers. Some key criteria may have included:

For Intended Parents:

  • Must be a legally married heterosexual couple
  • Meet age and financial requirements
  • Undergo medical evaluations and psychological assessments
  • Provide necessary documentation and legal agreements

For Surrogate Mothers:

  • Must be a Ukrainian citizen
  • Age limit (typically under 36 years old)
  • Have given birth to at least one healthy child previously
  • Meet specific health and lifestyle criteria
  • Undergo medical evaluations and psychological assessments

Given the current circumstances in Ukraine, it’s crucial for intended parents to seek guidance from experienced surrogacy professionals regarding the feasibility and requirements for pursuing surrogacy arrangements within the country.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Ukraine (Prior to Conflict)

While surrogacy arrangements can be complex and require careful navigation, Ukraine previously offered several potential advantages for intended parents:

  • Established legal framework supporting surrogacy
  • Lower costs compared to some other surrogacy destinations
  • Access to experienced medical professionals and clinics
  • Intended parents recognized as legal parents upon birth
  • Comprehensive support services from reputable agencies

However, the ongoing conflict has likely impacted or disrupted many of these potential advantages within Ukraine. Intended parents should carefully weigh the risks and complexities involved, particularly for foreign intended parents unfamiliar with the current situation in the country.

Your Surrogacy Journey

At First Fertility, while we do not directly offer surrogacy services in Ukraine, we understand the immense importance of this journey for intended parents. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring you can make informed decisions about your family-building options in safe and secure environments.

We’ll work closely with you to explore the legal, financial, and emotional considerations surrounding surrogacy, through our trusted international partners in alternative destinations with stable and supportive environments for these arrangements.

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