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The dream of starting a family is universal, regardless of sexual orientation. For many gay couples, the path to parenthood leads through surrogacy – an incredible opportunity to welcome children biologically related to one partner.

At First Fertility, we celebrate the diverse ways modern families come together through our inclusive surrogacy and donor programs. Our LGBT-friendly services ensure gay intended parents receive comprehensive support while navigating this journey ethically and smoothly.

If you and your partner are considering surrogacy, this guide overviews key factors and our tailored offerings to make your family visions become realities. Read on to learn more about taking your first steps into fatherhood.

Can a Gay Couple Find a Surrogate Mother?

Fortunately, yes – the option of gestational surrogacy is widely available for gay couples and individuals in today’s society. Progressive surrogate agencies have championed LGBTQ+ inclusivity, respecting that lives outside traditional norms can make just as amazing parents.

At First Fertility, we follow stringent non-discrimination policies ensuring equal opportunities for all clients regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. Our dedicated surrogate databases are populated by open-minded candidates comfortable and enthused about helping LGBTQ+ people achieve their parenthood goals.

You can work with us in confidence that you’ll experience a judgment-free environment built on mutual understanding. We’ll provide personalized guidance in finding your ideal surrogate match who shares your family values.

How Much Does Gay Couple Surrogacy Cost?

One of the most common questions from intended parents is: “How much will surrogacy cost for a gay couple?” The total costs can seem daunting at first glance, as multiple expenses get factored into the full price:

  • Egg and/or sperm donor(s)
  • IVF procedures with the egg donor
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Fertility clinic/medical fees
  • Legal/administrative costs
  • And more…

Generally for gay couples pursuing surrogacy using an egg donor, you can expect ranges of approximately $65,000 to $90,000 for the combined cost of first-time arrangements, not including travel and accommodation costs, though we can support you with organizing these as optional extras to our packages, too. Subsequent journeys tend to be more affordable after establishing strong professional networks.

However, it’s important to understand key cost variables behind these estimates, which our advisors will provide transparency around based on your specific circumstances:

  • Geography and agencies used for surrogacy/egg donation services
  • Whether previous IVF cycles have already produced embryos
  • Potential expenses like PGD genetic testing, insurance fees, etc.
  • Travel distances impacting surrogate coordination and lodging
  • Legal complexities related to establishing parentage

First Fertility offers convenient financing and payment plans alongside cost-effective program options to make your surrogacy dreams more affordable. Our team is happy to provide personalized quotes and discuss manageable investment strategies.

Whose Sperm is Used for Gay Surrogacy?

For gay male couples, the egg donor is not biologically related to either partner. However, one of the key choices you’ll make is whose sperm to use when fertilizing the egg to create embryos.

Some couples choose to utilize one partner’s sperm for all embryo transfers. Other times, intended parents agree to a split where multiple embryos are created using each partner’s sperm – allowing opportunities to have children biologically related to both fathers.

There are also more complex circumstances that occasionally arise:

  • Using a partner’s sperm and a donor sperm sample
  • Reciprocal IVF where one partner’s eggs are used alongside the other’s sperm
  • Situations where adoption, existing children, or future family plans impact decisions

Our fertility counselors are experienced in guiding intended parents through these types of family-building considerations. We provide sensitive advice on ethical ways to fulfill your dynamic parenthood visions while minimizing future complexities.

Can You Choose Gender in Surrogacy for Gay Couples?

Modern reproductive technologies have made incredible options like gender selection possible during the IVF process. Also known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), intended parents can choose to obtain and transfer embryos of their preferred genders.

Gay male couples frequently opt for gender selection when all embryos will share the same biology. Using PGD allows planning ideal family dynamics – for example, attempting to conceive a boy and girl combination.

However, it’s important to note that gender selection and PGD are separate services beyond standard surrogacy packages.

First Fertility partners with elite IVF labs at the forefront of PGD/gender selection technologies. We’d be happy to counsel you on availability and ethical implementations aligned with your family goals.

Start Your Surrogacy Journey as a Gay Intended Parent

We hope this guide provides helpful insights into the surrogacy paths modern gay couples are safely pursuing to fulfill their parenthood aspirations. Our staff has deep personal connections championing LGBT equality, and we’d be honored to be part of your family-building story.

The first step is scheduling an exploratory consultation with one of our caring yet experienced surrogacy advisors. This no-obligation call allows discussing your specific circumstances, answering questions, and determining best-fit program options to consider.

From there, our team provides guidance throughout the entire process – including surrogate matching, legal arrangements, medical procedures, travel planning, and post-birth transition support. Your dedicated coordinator keeps everything streamlined according to your vision.

LGBTQ+ parents deserve the same joys and pride that come with nurturing children as anyone else. First Fertility is a steadfast ally committed to making modern parenthood dreams become realities through ethical, inclusive services.

Contact us today, and you’ll be one step closer to cradling your own bundle(s) of joy very soon! Your journey towards fatherhood starts here.

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