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Few experiences in life are as profoundly meaningful as helping another family welcome a long-awaited child through surrogacy. By choosing to become a surrogate mother, you can provide an amazing gift to individuals or couples struggling with infertility while also making a positive impact.

At First Fertility, we understand that carrying someone else’s baby is an immense act of generosity deserving of full support every step of the way. Our ethical surrogacy programs prioritize the wellbeing of surrogates while offering fair compensation for the invaluable role they serve.

If you’re considering this remarkable journey, read on to learn more about the requirements, processes, and comprehensive services we provide surrogate mothers through our extensive international network.

What are the Risks of Surrogacy?

As with any pregnancy, certain risks do exist when embarking on surrogacy. These include potential medical complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, birthing difficulties, and post-partum challenges. Psychological impacts like emotional attachment or struggles adjusting after delivery are also possible.

However, First Fertility partners with elite fertility clinics renowned for minimizing surrogacy risks through:

  • Meticulous medical screenings and evaluations prior to acceptance
  • Continuous monitoring and expert pregnancy care throughout gestation
  • Robust mental health counseling and support system integration
  • Insurance policies safeguarding medical costs and contingencies
  • Stringent surrogate eligibility requirements prioritizing participant safety

Our comprehensive risk mitigation protocols allow surrogate mothers to pursue these arrangements with greater peace of mind and layers of protection.

Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Serving as a surrogate is an exceptionally giving act, and we hold our surrogate candidates to appropriately high standards. Our specific eligibility requirements include:

  • Between ages 21-38 to ensure overall health for conception/pregnancy
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range of 19-32
  • No smoking/vaping or use of non-prescribed drugs
  • Successful previous pregnancy and birth experience with no major complications
  • Healthy medical profile with no significant pre-existing conditions
  • Stable financial, home, and personal/family circumstances
  • Live within proximity of our partnered surrogacy medical clinics
  • Clearance after extensive psychological and physical screening and consultations

Surrogates must also pass thorough background checks regarding criminal histories and other qualifications prioritizing the safety of all parties involved.

Process of Becoming a Surrogate Mother

For those who meet our stringent requirements, here is an overview of the typical surrogacy process when working with First Fertility:

Application and Screening

After expressing interest through our online application, our team will initiate screening protocols involving comprehensive medical examinations, psychological evaluations, counseling sessions, background checks, and more.

Match with Intended Parents

Approved surrogates submit detailed profiles that our coordinators use to identify fitting matches based on both parties’ characteristics and preferences. In-person meetings help establish rapport and comfort levels.

Medical and Legal Management

Once matched and contracts are established, surrogate mothers proceed with IVF embryo transfers, prenatal care under our elite medical teams, and robust legal support clarifying all rights and responsibilities.

Pregnancy Journey Support

Our care managers provide surrogate mothers with individualized pregnancy guidance on nutrition, medication, travel logistics, and any other needs. Mental health counseling is always available.

Birthing Stay and Recovery

Surrogate mothers reside in comfortable partner accommodations for monitoring late-stage pregnancy and hospital births under our specialized medical professionals. Postpartum support is exhaustive to ease transitions.

Post-Delivery Legal Processes

Our legal teams finalize all documentation officially establishing parental rights, securing birth certificates/documentation, and addressing any remaining steps.

Throughout each stage, our dedicated surrogacy coordinators ensure all participants remain informed, guided, and supported according to most ethical surrogacy practices.

Costs of Becoming a Surrogate

While intended parents cover comprehensive costs for things like IVF treatments, hospital fees, insurance coverages, legal representation, travel, and more, surrogate mothers never pay any out-of-pocket expenses.

In fact, First Fertility compensates our selfless surrogates generously for the invaluable role they serve. Surrogate mothers receive fair monetary compensation upon successfully delivering the child/children to the intended parents.

Additionally, we cover living expenses during pregnancy in safe, comfortable accommodations with nutritious catered meals and other supportive resources. We also provide compensation for post-delivery recovery periods when applicable.

Can You Be a Surrogate if You’ve Never Had a Baby?

It is a near-universal requirement of surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics that surrogate candidates must have previously carried a successful pregnancy to term. This confirms their ability to conceive, sustain a full-term pregnancy, and give birth without prohibitive complications.

While not an official policy, most surrogate programs strongly prioritize candidates who’ve delivered at least one child already. This evidence helps protect intended parents’ investments and the health of surrogates given the unique circumstances of gestational surrogacy.

Women who’ve never experienced a full-term pregnancy themselves are unable to qualify as gestational surrogates with First Fertility or most other reputable providers at this time.

How Hard is it to Find a Surrogate?

Identifying and being matched with an eligible, interested surrogate can often prove challenging given the extensive screening criteria and consent processes required. Surrogacy journeys inherently need immense planning, coordination, and selectivity.

That’s why First Fertility’s comprehensive surrogate offerings are such an exceptional resource in overcoming many common obstacles. Key advantages we offer intended parents include:

  • Continuously recruiting qualified surrogates from diverse backgrounds
  • Currently maintaining a robust database of over 100 pre-screened surrogates
  • Guaranteed matching with an available surrogate within 14 days post-contract
  • Established relationships with elite IVF clinics and medical centers globally
  • Full-service coordination encompassing all legal, travel, and logistical complexities, as required
  • Ethical partner recruitment emphasizing surrogate rights/fair treatment

With our years of proven surrogacy expertise, we remove uncertainties around availability and support world-class standards throughout the process. Intended parents from all backgrounds can progress with confidence in bringing their dreams to life.

Contact Us if You’re Interested in Becoming a Surrogate

We hope this guide provides helpful insights into the profoundly giving act of becoming a surrogate mother with First Fertility’s guidance. If you feel called to this life-changing opportunity, our team is happy to discuss your fit in more detail.

Those interested can easily begin the process by completing our online application form. You’ll then be promptly contacted by a surrogacy advisor who can answer any other questions, explain next steps, and initiate screening protocols if qualified.

Are You an Intended Parent Looking for Gestational Surrogates?

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By working with our compassionate yet meticulous care team, you’re ensuring an ethical, dependable, and joyful gestational surrogacy experience for all parties involved. We can’t wait to guide you through this exceptionally meaningful journey soon.

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