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For couples and individuals across Asia facing infertility or other reproductive challenges, surrogacy can offer a path forward in building the family they’ve dreamed of. However, the legal landscape around surrogacy varies significantly across the diverse nations of the region, creating complexities that require expert guidance.

At First Fertility, we understand the intricacies of pursuing surrogacy while residing in Asia. Our renowned fertility specialists work closely with a network of trusted international surrogacy providers to make these journeys to parenthood possible, navigating the unique regulatory environments of each country.

With our specialist team’s insights, you can navigate your family-building options confidently, overcoming the surrogacy laws and regulations in your home country. We’re here to counsel you through the medical and legal considerations, so you can focus on preparing for the special moment of welcoming your child.

Surrogacy Laws in Asia

The legal status of surrogacy arrangements varies greatly across Asia, with some countries permitting certain forms of surrogacy, while others have implemented strict prohibitions. This patchwork of regulations creates challenges for intended parents seeking surrogacy services within the region.

Countries like India, Thailand, and Nepal have established legal frameworks for altruistic or compensated surrogacy arrangements, though with specific eligibility requirements. Others have criminalized all forms of surrogacy, both commercial and altruistic.

Many Asian nations lack clear legislation on surrogacy, leaving the practice in a legal gray area. This ambiguity can create significant risks and uncertainties for intended parents pursuing surrogacy domestically.

Additionally, regulations often differ for citizens, foreigners, LGBTQ+ couples, and single intended parents, further complicating the surrogacy landscape across Asia.

Given the diverse and evolving legal environments, most medical professionals advise intended parents in Asia to carefully research and consider pursuing surrogacy only at clinics abroad with protective legal frameworks aligning with their specific circumstances.

How Surrogacy Works in Asia

The processes and requirements for pursuing surrogacy within Asia can vary dramatically depending on the country and the intended parents’ situation. In some nations, altruistic or compensated surrogacy arrangements may be legally permitted, though often with stringent eligibility criteria.

Securing parentage rights and birthrights for children born via surrogacy can involve complex legal procedures that differ across jurisdictions. Violating any aspect of a country’s surrogacy laws can result in severe penalties.

For many intended parents in Asia, the uncertain legal terrain surrounding domestic surrogacy leads them to explore international surrogacy programs at accredited clinics abroad, operating under established legal frameworks.

Surrogacy Prices in Asia

Surrogacy costs across Asia can fluctuate significantly based on the destination country, the specific arrangements, and whether the services are provided domestically or through an international provider.

In countries like India, where commercial surrogacy is legally permitted, costs for surrogacy arrangements can be in the $50,000 USD range. However, these lower price points may not include the comprehensive legal, medical, and support services offered by reputable international providers.

Working with trusted international surrogacy agencies like First Fertility, intended parents can expect to pay between $65,000 – $90,000 USD for complete surrogacy packages in destinations like Kyrgyzstan. Programs in the United States often exceed $200,000 USD due to higher medical and legal costs.

Surrogacy Agencies in Asia

While some surrogacy agencies operate within certain Asian countries where the practice is legally permitted, many intended parents in the region choose to work with reputable international agencies to ensure compliance with established legal frameworks and ethical standards.

Our surrogacy network operates in surrogacy hubs like Kyrgyzstan to facilitate matching intended parents with pre-screened surrogates. We manage the complete surrogacy process, including legal, medical, travel, and counseling services according to local regulatory requirements and your wishes.

Asia Surrogacy Requirements

Given the diverse legal landscapes across Asia, surrogacy requirements can vary significantly depending on the intended parents’ country of residence and the destination country for the surrogacy arrangement.

Common requirements at our international surrogacy destinations include:

  • Intended parents meet age criteria (typically under 36 years old)
  • Intended parents pass psychological screenings
  • Intended parents meet financial qualification criteria 
  • All parties undergo thorough medical evaluations
  • Meeting requirements for marriage/civil partnerships
  • Consulting with legal professionals on establishment of parental rights

By working with our experienced agency in cross-border surrogacy arrangements, clients from across Asia can navigate the processes and prerequisites across international borders.

Advantages of International Surrogacy for Asian Residents

With surrogacy laws and regulations differing greatly across Asia, many intended parents in the region choose to pursue international surrogacy as a more reliable and legally secure path to parenthood.

Key advantages of working with international surrogacy providers include:

  • Operating under established surrogacy laws and protections
  • Using screened, qualified surrogate candidates
  • Receiving guidance from experienced coordinators 
  • Legal contracts establish parental rights securely
  • Obtaining insurance and counseling support services
  • Accessing latest reproductive technologies and medical procedures
  • Support through each phase from fertilization to post-birth
  • Ethical practices that prioritize all parties’ rights and wellbeing

By consulting with our trusted international surrogacy professionals, residents across Asia can become parents while mitigating the risks and complexities of the domestic legal environments. Pursuing parenthood via this path overseas allows doing so through transparent, ethical processes defined by national laws in other countries.

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Surrogacy can understandably bring up many questions and considerations. If you’re a resident of Asia interested in exploring surrogacy safely and responsibly, our team at First Fertility is here to advise you on navigating this path.

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