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Deciding to pursue surrogacy and grow your family is simply the first big step. Actually finding that perfect person to entrust with this extraordinary experience? That’s an entirely different journey unto itself.

At First Fertility, we understand how daunting the process of finding your gestational surrogate can feel. This deeply personal search involves numerous emotional, medical, legal and ethical factors to juggle. But you can fully relax – as one of the leading gestational carrier agencies, our caring team has helped match hundreds of intended parents with their ideal surrogate matches.

From the meticulous screening and vetting processes to forging lifelong connections, we’ll serve as your experienced guides for navigating this profound path. One surrogate at a time, you’re that much closer to finally cradling your little dream in your arms.

Does a Gestational Surrogate Mother Share DNA With the Baby?

Let’s start by clearing up a common misconception. A gestational surrogate has no genetic ties whatsoever to the baby she carries. Her DNA is never involved.

The embryos transferred into your surrogate’s uterus are created in the IVF lab using:

  • The intended mother’s eggs (or donor eggs)
  • The intended father’s sperm  
  • Or a combo of eggs/sperm from each intended parent

So genetically, your precious baby is still 100% related to you as the intended parents. Your surrogate acts as the carrier for your child.

The key then is finding a gestational surrogate you can fully entrust to nurture and care for your genetic seed throughout an incredibly important nine months.

What Are the Steps to Finding a Surrogate?

Most surrogacy journeys realistically require leaning on professional resources and expertise to secure the best match. At First Fertility, we collaborate with our surrogacy partners and their selective pools of pre-screened surrogates.

Here’s generally how the finding and matching process unfolds:

Surrogate Recruitment & Screening

Surrogacy partners continually recruit interested candidates and thoroughly vet each one through:

  • Comprehensive medical and psychological evaluations
  • Criminal background checks
  • Personal interviews and home visits  
  • Analysis of fertility history & proven capability as a surrogate

Intended Parent Consultations

You’ll have an open forum to outline your specific hopes and preferences for your ideal surrogate partner – everything from personality fit to location/travel logistics.

Initial Surrogate Matches

Based on your criteria, you’ll receive detailed profiles with photos, bios and info on potential surrogate matches that could be great candidates.

Video Interviews & Face-to-Face Meeting  

We’ll coordinate video calls and in-person meetings so you can get to know each other more deeply. These mutual conversations are so crucial.   

Official Match & Contract Phase

Once you’ve found your perfect surrogate partner, legal professionals will draft detailed contracts outlining expectations, risks and compensation.

Begin Your Surrogacy Journey

With your selfless surrogate aboard, you can finally feel that rush of joyful anticipation as you kickstart medical processes, your surrogate’s pregnancy and the adventure ahead.

Is It Hard to Find a Surrogate Mother?

The short answer? Yes…and for very valid reasons.

Being a gestational surrogate mother is one of the most extraordinarily selfless acts imaginable. These remarkable women don’t take this calling lightly. They wholly understand the immense physical, emotional and legal commitments it requires.

That’s why the thorough application and screening processes are so stringent – both for your family’s peace of mind and the surrogate’s well-being. Only a minority of candidates will meet the rigorous qualifications.

Some key criteria that surrogates must demonstrate include:

  • Ability and willingness to become pregnant via IVF
  • Overall excellent mental and physical health 
  • Zero complications from previous pregnancies
  • Financially stable home environment
  • Strong emotional intelligence and coping skills
  • Clearance from reproductive health professionals

While it takes time to reach your perfect match meeting these high standards, you can have full confidence she’s 100% well-equipped to bring your baby into this world safe and sound. This thoughtful diligence is why…

Surrogates and Intended Parents Can Build Amazing Bonds

Unlike the old-fashioned view of surrogacy being basically an unknown transaction, most modern arrangements involve both parties, i.e. the surrogate and the intended parents, melded as one extended unit. Especially during gestation, this can be important for the development of the growing fetus.

While the initial surrogate search may seem intimidating, it’s ultimately one of the most beautifully impactful decisions you’ll ever make on this journey. Our team will ensure you stay inspired and encouraged every step of the way.

Curious to learn more about our surrogate screening and matching processes? We’re always here to provide consultation and answer any questions. Achieving your family dreams is our greatest mission.

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